Some commends on the Atlas

Posted by Håvard Tegle on 16:26 9/29/01

In reply to: Some comments on the Atlas posted by epdiii on 20:48 9/23/01

I agree with epdiii, regions with many small states have a sort of capitalistic advantage, competition leads to new advances. One can compare Europe with China. They are about the same size but the geography is very different. The geography China holds the potential of unification under one supreme leader. The geography of Europe on the other hand is suited for many separate states, the best example being perhaps ancient Greece, but there is also Italy, Spain and Scandinavia. The never-ending competition from strong rivals forced the elite of European states to always adapt to new situations. By contrast the development of China depended more or less on one man only, the Emperor. I think this is the main reason why Europe has had the technological advance over China for centuries.

When I first started thinking of the geography of Erelae I immmediatly found Skouras to have great potentiallity.

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