Some comments on the Atlas

Posted by epdiii on 20:48 9/23/01

In reply to: Some comments on the Atlas posted by Irgend Jemand on 12:16 9/23/2001

Skouras has potential to be a masterpiece of a region. The idea of a swirling mass of warring city-states and loose alliances is just great. If a "human touch" can be added to it, it could be a real work of art...I know there are much bigger things to be focussed on, but still. Skouras is really neat. :) Is the language(s?) of that region ever going to be worked on? (what do they speak there anyway?)

Two more cultures interest me greatly, the Qarau and the Mgunikpe. Why haven't these two cultures ever developed a country? Do their religions restrict them from that, or are they just primitive barbarians? I know that the Qaraus follow a monotheistic religion, but what do the Mgunikpe worship?

Mark responds:

Thanks for the interest! There's only very basic work done on the Lenani-Littoral languages-- enough so that I know the names of the cities in three forms (ancient, Tzhuro, and modern Skourene). Like so many regions, I hope to get back to it someday.

You'll see more about the Qaraus in the Atlas... IIRC, the Mgunikpe never do much. :( They're animists, something like the Siberian natives.

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