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Posted by Irgend Jemand on 12:16 9/23/2001

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First, it's great. So many maps, so much commentary- wow!

I've somehow got the impression that historical trends last longer in Almean history than in ours. Munkhash existed for three thousand years- wich empire on earth that was bigger than a middle-sized regional power has done that? The conflict between the plain and the ktuvoki-controlled areas is now, alltogether, running for three thousand years as well. The longest running enmity I can think of in terran history is the mutual dislike between the west and the muslim world, wich has been more or less around for more than thirteen centuries now.

Also, Munkhash expanded over two thousand years alltogether- I don't know of any empire in our history that continually expanded over such a long time. But then again, nothing here ever had that system of Munkhash (except for people who participate in pyramid schemes). Also, apparently they prepared the invasion of the plain for about two centuries- who has ever took so much time to prepare one single enterprise?

So, alltogether Almean history is somehow more epic than ours. But that's not bad- it makes everything somehow bigger.

I generally like reading the atlas, but I find the parts on Skouras kinda boring- this city conquered that city, wich then allied itself with that city, so that they could attack those cities, and then they all rallied up together against that city- I'm one of those strange folks who are actually interested in history, but that stuff is somehow missing something. But that should change during the next coupla maps, now that Babur has founded Jippirasti (some kind of cynical irony that that map was due this week).

Also, shouldn't we be in the time when the first Hermit Masters start to preach by now? (Note to the others: Mark once told me that the Xurnese religion Endajue was founded by some Hermit Masters during the decline and fall of Axunnai)

Keep up!

Mark responds:

Thanks, Irgend. On long trends, you're probably right, though note the longetivity of Egypt (independent for 3500 years before the Persians, Greeks, and Romans took over) and China (over 2000 years).

On Skouras, I'd have to agree... I've been adding to the material as I put it up, but it does lack a certain human touch. You'll have to see if what's coming up changes things...

And as for the Hermit Masters, Axunai has a ways to decline yet. :)

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