May the Gods...

Posted by Gustavo S. Pereira on 20:57 9/18/01

In reply to: May the Gods... posted by Gustavo Pereira on 14:28 9/16/01

Grachenōm Marko,

Ridh! Sīk foli ezī bumezź ku grachenōm kokue. Mūnite sā dichi sźth komōnga bra! Ak tena dźshtochī zōnī, sā naku ma! Odi, sźth amor źrāt, dichi sā komit e tena belāk źrāt klāt!

Ōterā lerī āluthī,

Gustava Gersono



Sorry! I didn't want to be unpolite with you. Thank you for helping me! But i'm 18, i'm already a man! So respect me as well, 'cause I'm a noble and I've got the Cadhinorian sword too!

I trust your virtues,

Gustavo Pereira

(1) I used "grachenōm" 'cause I suppose you are Verdurian, Mark!

Mark responds:

Heh. I was just trying to think like a Barakhinei, last message. Sorry for the English today... I have a bunch of Cadhinor to write tonight, so I'm saving time for that.

Actually the persona I usually adopt is that of a terrestrial historian/linguist with some inexplicable access to Almean documents. (Occasionally I even invent other experts to disagree with. :) Of course, if I'm writing an example or a story, I try to write like whatever Almean is involved. (Note that the example sentences usually differ in tone for each language... though the Verdurian ones are usually just silly. There's a big influence there from Humez & Humez's Latina pro populo, the world's funniest textbook.)

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