May the Gods...

Posted by Gustavo Pereira on 14:28 9/16/01

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dhi eshtn ku m!

Mark fetr ch f buepezm shkriv Barakhinei meli, ak s echil shkrivt ma! Fisnava il Barakhinei meli sk du, ak loki eri sk sn mehm.

S rizundu l foela a bolh didh shklel. Dichi tt ep ch dn Barakhinei meli sn rizundu irchu sup zn 3300 ma. Kadhin meli hakni ko Barakhinei meli.

Mukh sk laodu rhedlu, ak melhu meli shkriv Barakhinei meli ma! E l, Mark, kt etfet shk?

Subra dna!

Gustava Gersono


May the gods be with you!

Mark had said that it was impossible to learn Barakhinei, but I am trying to learn it! Its grammar isn't hard, although its irregular words are.

I wrote this message in too much time. Maybe because of that documents in Barakhinei only started to be written in the 3300s. Cadhinor, although classical, is much more simple!

You won't believe this, but it's very good to learn Barakhinei! And you, Mark, what do you say about this?? :)


Gustavo Pereira

Mark responds:

Holhur ma! Ak sû fetê ku lok "lê", e sî "anu" shkebûr? Laodê rênfetê ku belâk klât!

I'm still amazed to see other people writing Verdurian; Barakhinei is quite astonishing. Of course, if you folks would all learn the same language, you could talk to each other! :)

I noticed one problem... expressions like Kadhin meli are adverbials-- "in Cadhinor", literally "in the Cadhinorian way". To refer to a language as a noun phrase, you say Kadhin rhu "Cadhinorian language" (and this one happends to have a noun of its own: Kadhinu).

--Marko Karoloro

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