Teoshi and the south

Posted by Christopher O'Regan on 18:19 9/11/01

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You'll have to excuse me for not having posted in well, months, but I really have been quite busy . . . I have been reading the board regularly, though.

Bit off topic, but I hope people liked my culture test! some of my friends certainly didn't have a high opinion of it . . .

But, on to my question, at any rate. For some reason, it is Xurnash out of the Almean languages/cultures that most interests me. Now i note that a set of numbers has been released for Teoshi, which is, I assume, a sister of Xurnese, like it descended from the language of the old Axunai.

Which makes me wonder - are Axunashin/Teoshi/Xurnash grammars coming up soon? What about the writing system? I realise that a syllabry is not the easiest of systems to work with, so I'm interested to see the results :-). Also, I have (very) recently taken up Hindi, and Xurno seems to me to bear at least some superficial resemblences to India. Does this extend to the writing system? Devanagari is not a true syllabery, as it does have characters for finals, and, rather like Tolkien's elvish, vowels are represented with diacritics. So for example, the character "ka" + a diacritic representing "i" makes "ki". Is this how the system will work with Xurnash, or will it be a more strict syllabery, as for example with Japanese?

also, if someone knows how to spell "syllabery", i would be very grateful.

Rhisto Filipei

Mark responds:

Thanks for posting, Chris. And I liked your culture test, at least. :)

Chris is referring to the Teôshi numbers now on the numbers page... this is the fruit of my project to refine Xurnese and Cheiyu place names, which was also necessary to publish the Atlas.

Cuêzi is closer to completion, especially since Philip has been finding errors in it. I'm adding some words to it (which tends to affect Axunashin and Cadhinor as well), and then I'll put it up. But Axunashin and friends are coming, soon.

You can see something about the Axunashin writing system in the Wede:i grammar. I do have the basic syllabic signs worked out... though not the Teôshi variants.

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