Minor Cadhinorian Langs

Posted by epdiii on 2:56 9/9/01

In reply to: Minor Cadhinorian Langs posted by Gustavo Pereira on 20:39 9/8/01 Can't wait to see it, Gustavo! I wish you good luck in creating your world and making it complete.

I must say something as well. :)

About 4 years ago, in the 6th grade, I created a world. This particular world had no name, and only one group of people on this world were written about: The Cyberknights (I know, very crappy name...). They were cyborgs who somehow were able to feel, have free will, and reproduce (don't ask me how). Soon after discovering that my creation wasn't all that original I scrapped it and began working on another (better?) set of cultures using the same nameless world with the same nameless continents. The main products were: Sarlóna and Nitóna (sahr-LOH-nah and neye-TOH-nah).

It would take up too much space to tell you all about these two countries. All I'll say is, they both share the same language (which is also nameless) and were once united as one country. A century-old vendetta is what caused the split. After naming everything and developing lots of stuff I want to put my world on the net too! Maybe Nitóna, Verduria and the Lisďpörosa Empire could trade through rips in the space-time continuum? =0)

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