Minor Cadhinorian Langs

Posted by Gustavo Pereira on 20:39 9/8/01

In reply to: Minor Cadhinorian languages posted by Shad Andrews on 20:29 9/7/01

Well, I have to tell that Almea has inspired me to create a world, too (Bendai), and a language family. By now, I've created a classic empire, the Lisīpörosa Empire (whose capital is Lisīpor), and its language, Lisīpog. It'll be on the Web soon. I hope one day the state of Wiskay (that speaks Wiskaykom, a sister Lisīposh language) makes good relations with Verduria...!

I'm trying to learn Verdurian! Don't expect me to make a sentence now because I know too little grammar (I know only some words).



Mark responds:

A toast to good relations between our two nations. :) Tell us the URL when you have one.

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