Minor Cadhinorian languages

Posted by Shad Andrews on 20:29 9/7/01

In reply to: Minor Cadhinorian Langs posted by The Andrews on 17:36 8/30/01

Actually, my name is Shad Andrews. 'Penny Andrews' is my mom, but I sent the message on her email. I've also used the alias 'Mike Felder' , perhaps even on this very message board, but have retired it for now. I'm constructing a language for an imaginary country 'Parda', like yourself, and hopefully a world with it (like Almea) which I'll probably incorporate into a novel someday. I visit your site often for inspiration, and have even incorporated one feature of Verdurian into my constructed language: the use of 'se' as the first person pronoun. (Hope you don't mind!) I'm also trying to construct a timeline for the DC Comics Universe, so when I have some free time at the computer I jump between the 2 hobbies.

I guess I should start appearing as Shad Andrews, but I probably won't be sending too many more messages from this address, since I go off to college (Oregon State University. Go Beavs!) in a couple weeks.

Well, that's all for now. Happy conlanging!


Mark responds:

Thanks... and yes, you've posted as Mike Felder here... nice to see the connection, tho' it means I have one less reader. :(

Good luck with Parda, and college... stop by once you have your college account!

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