Minor Cadhinorian Langs

Posted by The Andrews on 17:36 8/30/01

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In the real world, Latin has left us such major languages as French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

However, it's also left us minor languages, not spoken by as many people as the above, such as Romanian, Catalan, Occitan, Ladino, Sardinian, and Rhaeto-Romance.

Cadhinor, the Almean equivalent of Latin, has left such languages as Verdurian, Ismain, Sarroc, and Barakhinei, but has it left any minor languauges, not spoken by as many people?

Also, in the section on Proto-Eastern, you have drawn a 'diagram' of the languauges in the Eastern family. I notice that the Eastern family has far fewer languages than the real-world Indo-European family. Why is this? I understand you couldn't possibly elaborate on all of the languages a large family, but it should seem there should still be more languages in the Eastern family than there presently are.

So, are you hiding languages from us?

Mark responds:

Heh. I like the idea of minor Cadhinorian languages. There must be a few. Benécian is an obvious candidate; another might be the language of Visecra, the area east of Sarnáe proper.

As for the Eastern family as a whole, note that the Proto-Eastern page doesn't say that it's exhaustively listing all Eastern languages! The map and chart only show the major languages. There are rather more Naviu and Karazi languages than are shown; and the Chia-Sha languages are legion. As well, Xurnásh isn't much more coherent than Chinese; it could easily be divided into multiple languages.

By the way, do you want to continue to appear as "The Andrews"? Your mail this time actually came from "Penny Andrews"; but I assume that's not you? Who are you? :)

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