Mark's next project

Posted by Hans-Werner Hatting on 4:28 8/9/01

In reply to: Mark's next project posted by The Andrews on 17:04 8/8/01

Emai ad fsyan,

I had hoped the string before (on Almea as an allegory) would inspire Mark to put up more stuff on Almean belief systems - to me this is one of the most fascinating aspects of Almea, as one rarely finds fantasy worlds where this central part of culture is well elaborated. Is there a chance that we will get discussions about Eledhat (I'd be interested in the actual outcome of the mixture between Christian and Arashei beliefs), Jippirasti (is it modelled on Islam?), Irreanism, Endajue (up to now, they seem to be only names),and Rivaudo (there seems to be a story behind it, of which Mark has put on the net only a small part)?

Maybe Mark finds some time for this?

Ad onlelán,

Mark responds:

Hmm, that's true, there's a good deal already written about the Xurnese religions; I should finish that. I have only some brief information about Irreanism. There's more on Revaudo and Jippirasti in the Atlas, when we get to them (we're not even in classical times yet).

Jippirasti does owe a lot to Islam, though without the reliance on any earlier monotheism-- tho' perhaps the prophet Babur knew something of Qarau monotheism.

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