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Posted by The Andrews on 17:04 8/8/01

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So, now that the amazing Historical Atlas is up (with frequent updates to come), what is the next project going to be for Almea?

Is it a grammar for Sarroc? Some details on the cultures of Uytai? A history of Verduria or of the Cadhinorians?

May I suggest a world-building FAQ to go along with the language building faq? That shouldn't take you a whole bunch of time, cause you got it all in your head. :)

I think a lot of people who visit your site do so to get ideas for creating their worlds. That's what I do; I'm creating my own fantasy planet with cultures, languages, etc. for an epic novel I hope to write (some day!), so a worldbuilding faq would be great.

Also, just how much time do you spend on a day on purely Almean stuff? You have an incredible amount of information and you add stuff to VV so frequently, but then again you also have 20 years worth of stuff already done.

Mark responds:

I'm not sure what's next. Very possibly something about world-building; I recently got some questions about this in e-mail, and when I find myself answering a question for the second time or so, I start thinking about making it a page.

I have a half-finished monograph on the food crops of Almea which I'd like to get back to, not least because it helps build vocabulary and other ideas for the whole planet. I may not know what the people of Uytai are like, but I know what they eat. :)

I have some extra time lately, but this may not last long! I also have some non-Almean projects that I've been neglecting...

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