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Where exactly are Obenzayet and Lufasha spoken? I don't see them on any of the maps. I must be overlooking them. Are they part of the Lenani-Littoral group? If they are, does that mean they'll be agglunative, or is Wede:i the only agglunative L-L language? Also, there's another language that I'm interested in: Chia-Sha. What kind of language is it? The name sounds like it could be an isolating language, or am I wrong? Am I asking too many questions? hehe... ^_^;

Mark responds:

No problem. Lufasha is in fact one of the Chia-Sha languages; it's spoken in Lufao, which you can just barely see on the map of Xurno. Obenzayet is a Naviu language, spoken in Obenzaya, which you can find on the map of the Plain. Both are Eastern languages. Obenzayet is rather conservative, retaining the basic morphological structure of proto-Eastern. The Chia-Sha languages, on the other hand, are radically restructured, and they are largely isolating.

Wede:i isn't Lenani-Littoral; it's only related to Mei.

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