Historical Atlas

Posted by epdiii on 12:13 8/7/01

In reply to: Historical Atlas posted by Gareth Wilson on 15:23 8/6/01 LOL. Yes there is quite a bit of commentary; commentary which is very interesting! I really like the new historical atlas. It has clearted up alot of things I was wondering about. Plus it's a nice piece of artwork too! In the future, after you complete this one, will you make a historical atlas for the rest of Ereláe? Or are the western peoples still too primitive to be interesting? =0)

It appears that many languages haven't been covered yet. Which ones do you plan on writing a grammar on next?

Mark responds:

Heh... you people are insatiable! I don't think the history of Téllinor would be very exciting. Someday, however, I'd like to take care of Uytai and Belesao.

As for languages... I'd like to finish Obenzayet, and finally get Lufasha going. The Lenani-Littoral languages are a kind of reproach. :) I'm also tempted to start in on one of the nonhuman langauges, and make it as weird as possible...

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