Re: Other continents?

Posted by epdiii on 13:26 7/31/01

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Hmm, very interesting. I can't wait to find out about them and their language! I have another question though, will all of the other cultures on the other continents be primitive, or will some be as developed as Verduria? There must be another advanced culture out there somewhere.

It seems like you have ALOT of work to do. I mean, there must be a huge ammount of languages in Almea that you haven't written a grammar on. Are you going to try to do them all? If so, I wish you good luck. :)

Mark responds:

Verduria is the most advanced region of Almea... which stands to reason; might as well start with them. Uytai and Belesao are not far behind, however, and I'm sure they'll have an interesting history, when I get around to it...

I'd never be able to do all the languages of Almea-- I'll be happy if I can fill in the highlights!

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