Re: Other continents?

Posted by epdiii on 18:00 7/29/01

In reply to: Re: Other Continents? posted by Gustavo Pereira on 13:39 6/30/01

I share Gustavo's obsession with Almea! I can't wait to learn about the other continents. Will they all be linked with Verduria or will they have their own completely different cultures and languages? This may seem odd, but I am really interested in that little island-continent in the far northeast (Palthuknen?). I want to know more about that one the most. I am guessing that it holds a rather primitive, eskimo-like culture?

Mark responds:

Heh, yes, I purposely used an Eskimo-sounding name. They probably are Eskimo-like in culture, since it's cold up there, they're quite isolated, and the whole northern hemisphere is fairly primitive.

All the other continents will be quite different from Verduria. My intention is for Verduria to seem rather familiar and Europeanish, but for the other areas to be progressively more alien.

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