A list of female warriors

I've always been fascinated by female warriors. Just about every corner of history will turn out to have a few, or a lot, even in highly sexist societies. As a consequence, it's by no means ahistorical for your fantasy epic to feature a badass female warrior. (Unless you give her a metal bikini.)

I started compiling a list for the Planet Construction Kit but decided it wasn't really appropriate for the book, so I'm putting it here. It's by no means intended to be exhaustive— Wikipedia has a list that goes on for pages.
Fù Hǎo China -13C queen and military general
Tomyris Sakas -6C queen, defeated and killed Cyrus of Persia
Artemisia Greek Ionia -5C queen of Caria; Xerxes' only female commander; fought at Salamis
Boudicca Britain 1C led rebellion against Romans
Trưng Trắc & Nhị Vietnam 1C sisters, rebelled against Chinese rule, with female generals; ruled as queens
Zenobia Arabia 3C queen; conquered Egypt and the Levant before falling to the Romans
Mavia Arabia 4C queen; rebelled against Romans, later assisted them against the Goths
Píngyáng China 7C helped father establish Táng dynasty
Aisha Arabia 7C wife of Muhammad; fought against his son-in-law Ali
Æthelflæd Britain 10C queen and military commander
Rudrama Devi India 13C queen and military commander
Joan of Arc France 15C turned around war with England
Amina Hausa 16C queen, led campaigns to expand Hausa state; noted for building fortifications
Kenau Hasselaer Holland 16C led a female force defending Haarlem
Nadežda Durova Russia 19C first female officer in Russian army
Lakshmibai India 19C queen; participated in Sepoy Rebellion
Teresa Magbanua Philippines 19C general in war of independence
Lozen Apaches 19C resisted US army as a guerrilla
Marie Baktšarova Russia 20C led female battalion in WWI
Lyudmila Pavličenko USSR 20C Soviet sniper credited with 309 kills
Bibi Ayesha Afghanistan 20C only Afghan female warlord; fought Soviets and Taliban