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Abbreviations: vt = transitive verb; vi = intransitive verb; n = noun; m = masculine, f = feminine; OV = Old Verdurian; Meť = Meťaiun; c = Cuêzi; * in etymologies = Proto-Eastern.

Cognates in parentheses are reborrowed or otherwise not directly inherited. A * in the Verdurian column indicates that the reflex derives from the dynamic forms.

Stress is not normally marked in Caďinor. It normally falls on the penult (ábra, abrénna, aelílea); if this is a diphthong, the first vowel is stressed (áecres) unless it‘s u or i (bruéca, adleriénda). Final diphthongs are not normally stressed (alaťórion), but triphthongs are (butoscéio) The lexicon indicates, with an underline, stress that falls on an unexpected syllable.

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