493. Uytai!

Posted by epdiv on 5:35 9/6/02

In reply to: Elcari language posted by Gareth Wilson on 18:33 9/5/02

(NOTE: This is supposed to be in reply to Gareth Wilson's most recent post, but I couldn't find the post number.)

It's sad to hear that you're having difficulty with the history of Uytai. I know how it feels not to be able to come up with something that seems alien, but not so overly weird that it's ridiculous. But just out of curiosity, and I think I've asked this question three or four times by now (hehe =] ), how much do you have done? Arcél along with Neinuoi and remote Palthuknen look to be the only continents that lack Ktuvoki, so they must have had an easier time developing, unless of course they've scuffled with the local Elcari. Also, will the history of Uytai include the island of Haibalai? Neinuoi and Kereminth definitely seem too far off to the side and too big to be represented in a historical atlas of Arcél (if that is what you had planned to make in the first place). Are the languages of Uytai coming along, too?

Speaking of language, the Elcari tongue looks very interesting, and fittingly harsh. It seems like it will be really hard to pronounce. Of course it would be quite beautiful to them, I guess. I wonder how an Elcari would handle an Uesti tongue. :)

Mark responds:

I added the message number to the headers for new messages, to deal with the first problem.

Not much is done on Uytai. I have an expanded map, but I keep not liking how the mountains look. I also keep thinking I want a rift valley somewhere and Arcél would be a good place for it. Most of my energy is going into the Count of Years right now. (The elcarin language is a by-product, since I needed a bunch of elcarin names.)

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