Posted by Jonathana Tegire on 19:54 8/27/02

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It's idiom in the sense that it might not exactly convey meaning.

A better example is "I am at your service." From a completely objective point of view, this, to me, sounds rediculous. How can you be at a non-place. What you want to say is, "I am lending my service to you." But then, that isn't really there. How about "I am saying that I will do what you want me to do."

I haven't figured out how the Tigerians would say this. One can have so much fun making up idiomatic ways to say things. Perhaps, "My service is upon you." Anyway, I could think of at least a few others, but not at this moment.

Ad onelán,
J. Tegire

Mark responds:

Well, that's really a metaphor. Metaphor greatly expands what we can say, and if you really try to do without it (go ahead, try!), you'll sound like Tarzan. (More on this later, maybe... busy.)

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