Language evolution and the icëlani

Posted by Philip Newton on 16:43 7/29/02

In reply to: Language evolution and the icëlani posted by Glenn Kempf on 13:22 7/18/02

Glenn wrote:

В библиотеку пришёл мальчик.
V biblioteku prishyol mal'chik. (Into library came boy.)
"A boy came into the library."

Мальчик взял книгу и ушёл.
Mal'chik vzyal knigu i ushyol. (Boy took book and left.)
"The boy took a book and left."

This bit of syntax was obviously borrowed from Cadhinor -- perhaps when the Russians noticed that that language, too, did not use definite or indefinite articles!

Filipo Petrei Lebdaney

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