Posted by Gustavo Pereira on 21:25 7/28/02

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Well, it's not necessary to say that I have absolutely LOVED your "Trip to Brazil" section - as you may ask why, I'm Brazilian...!

There are some interesting facts to tell - things that have changed since them. I think PanAm broke some years ago, VASP is always in trouble with financial scandals, Cruzeiro now is part of Brazil's economic past. Our currency is the real since 1994, when the annual 1000% inflation fell down to (!!!!) about 12% (now it's about 20% or 30%... 1 dollar = 3 reais). And also, there are no more public phones using fichas - since about 1993, 1994 we talk on public phones with cards. Maybe Verduria would be interested in sending an ambassador to Brazil...! At least the climate is close!

Oh, I'm sending also a separated e-mail in order to help you with some Portuguese phrases, names and making tiny corrections.

Well, I just can't wait to read the next release!! It's amazing!

Ad onlelán,

Gustavo Gersonei Pereira
(does it looks like a Verdurio-Portuguese name???!!!)

Mark responds:

Heh! I'm glad you liked it... so where were you in 1988?

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