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Posted by Gustavo Pereira on 15:55 7/26/02

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Emei! Âdhi eshtûn kû lên!

Well, I've got an idea... i don't know whether you'll like it. Mark, I know that you're busy, have got plenty of work, but I suggest that you make a weekly "The Lord of News" release with the freshest news from Verduria and Almea. Well, that was only an idea - only if you have time for it, of course. It could be every 2 weeks, too, if you prefer this.

Ad onlelán,

Gustavo Gersonei Pereira

Mark responds:

I do intend to write more news items for the Lord of News... however, I was thinking of posting them in Verdurian only. Here's the first paragraph of the next story:

Lescom ilet ktüce po 10,000 falen hichy socole.

So lescom, Sör Kaidanei Lebdaney, lazhce pisá nazhdenëi, kio, hipcrivne ke zet nomne Olesama hipconta Beshban. Zet etazne she ana dernén droëén hipcontán Beshbanán i Prishtina, ke rësne Shustana im incucheon caizuren e ana scadhora er mudhe. So hipcont fue bogaty, er kashre abbosnece alcala zië-- kio dimshutne 250,000 falî-- ak caizurem ab ilat impochen hip risnáen, ket tu proshe tshurne; so subrel fue shaynesa kio rho dugre goleci.

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