Language evolution and the icëlani

Posted by ranskaldan on 11:14 7/25/02

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If you feel like learning Mandarin or hearing about some of its features, just ask, since I speak it ;). I got most of the grammar stuff, however, from a hefty book I once borrowed. It made me notice a lot of grammar and syntax rules that I've been unconsciously following my entire life. it's amazing, isn't it, that you never seem to realize any of the grammar rules of the language that you learn as a child? it just comes to you, with all the right syntax and inflections in place.

and as for Verduria: i've gotta commend you on the great work that you've done. i don't know if i'll ever do something of that complexity... though something like that is in the works (yes, a world), but i haven't really concentrated on the languages yet.

btw, can you recommend a *good* site that provides free space, so that i can post some of those maps that i've drawn? Yahoo used to work, but no longer... :(

as for languages that inflect neither tense or aspect: who knows, one might exist...! or, soon will! ;)

Mark responds:

On one's own language: yeah, I think people don't recognize the amount of information they've absorbed. Maybe it's just as well: if we did, we'd never start learning another language.

I doubt there's such a thing as a good free website provider. You get what you pay for; free websites normally either have ads or severe bandwidth limitations. On the other hand, that may be just fine for a conlang or conworld site. But I've never been a customer, so I can't recommend specific services.

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