Aviiisar ya 'rokeeeshene pro'fkiiam!!

Posted by Irgend Jemand on 12:26 7/22/02

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Apros mushe zonî bolëi, aa, razhenë, er par dernëi bedhelî, tenao shekeshan abiturán esë. E muatë zon dy abbosnai dhini soië par mudhei agolämië bedhelië, e an iliazhiosh er an hepdën dy abbosnai dernë bedhel, er e dhinî hepdënî dy ingrimnai indumaon.

Ai nun voleme mü mizec nomán esë. Ai Raphael Landeck (zet sfahe 'Ráfael Landec'), er ai Hamburgei im Tüsclán.

Ok, to be honest, almost all of this was translated word by word using the dictionary and some helpful informations from the grammar. I hope I got it halfway right. I'm not sure wether my Verdurian will get much better, since I plan to concentrate on learning some more terran languages for the moment.

Mark responds:

Midhai cum len! Congratulations!

If you study Verdurian, then French and Russian, at least, will be easier...

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