Language evolution and the icëlani

Posted by Glenn Kempf on 9:58 7/4/02

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Dear Mark,

Here's two great parts of that might work great together...

In your essay "Proto-World and the Language Instinct," you describe a theory of the gradual emergence of languages and langage capabilities (both physical and mental) as part of the greater development of intelligence and the "mental toolbox" over the course of time in human evolution. We've talked about the icëlani already as an example of an earlier stage of human evolution on Almea; perhaps their language capabilities are still in an emerging stage in that development? How might icëlani "languages" work?

Just something to think about...

Ad onlelán,

Mark responds:

Yes, nice idea. The icëlani are supposed to have really simple languages. Still, I'm more interested in the inhuman language of the ilii. I have some nice ideas there, but they're waiting for more inspiration to gel...

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