Second languages and sentence structure

Posted by Jonathana Tegire on 11:55 6/19/02

In reply to: Second languages and sentence structure posted by Glenn Kempf on 00:45 6/19/02

Airana, Galenan Kemapaf! and Emai, Mark. My languages usually have differing sentence structures, which does make it difficult to translate if you're used to English. That's why I made Tigerian like English, with a bit of Spanish (adjectives come after what they modify).

From my own experience trying to learn Spanish, I know it is hard to get the S_O_V pattern down. It's so easy to use the foreign words with your native syntax. I guess it's one of those things you have to get used to.

About neighbor languages : The languages of Tigerian and Vihal are a bit similar due to a common ancestor, but it might be because of their close relationship. The country of Vihal does lie completely within Tegireserana, so they tend to deal with each other a lot. However, since both of these peoples consider their language as an art form which must be protected and beautified, they keep their own syntax (Try figuring out Vihal if you're a Tigerian speaker - subjects as suffixes added to the verb and objects first).

Hemonea an hamunea hanarate talan san curaina Shuvirenai!

-J. Tegire

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