Years, Xurno, burgers

Posted by Christopher O'Regan on 18:02 6/6/02

In reply to: Years, Xurno, burgers posted by Irgend Jemand on 20:43 6/3/02

I was actually going to write a short story about the life of a xaleza and submit it to Mark - i'm currently obsessed with warrior classes, especially Japanese ronin. But i decided to wait until i had more background information on what they were like. I probably wouldn't have the time right now, anyway.

Of course, the thing that needs to be remembered is that Mark is officially so sanno Almee, and although all of us derive a lot of enjoyment from his work, his acts of sub-creation are of course a very personal thing. I think if there is an area where other Almeanologists could help him out are in the more obscure areas - for example, deriving other Caizuran languages from proto-Eastern using a set of sound changes similar to Cuezi, etc. The little bits, that Mark realistically doesn't have time to do (at least not in great detail), himself.

Having said that, of course I'd love to do something/anything on Xurno! I'm also sure that there's plenty of Xurno to go around . . . i'd be happy to work on some things while others do others. It's a big world after all . . . and it's completely up to Mark as to how he wants to shape it.

Mark responds:

I'm still trying to wrap my head around this. :) In general I'd like to encourage people... I'm not going to get to every language or culture of Almea, and even if I did I couldn't tell all their stories. At the same time I'm wary of conflict or disappointment in case I end up not liking the way some contribution goes.

I'm tickled that Xurno seems to be a popular interest... I think it'd one of the most interesting places myself. (Verduria is intentionally not very weird.)

For now, my semi-official policy will be: do anything you want for the enjoyment of yourself and other drukî Verdúrë; ask me if you want something considered as part of the True Canon.

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