Posted by Glenn Kempf on 8:46 5/22/02

In reply to: Vihal posted by Jonathana Tegire on 15:47 2/21/02

Not lazy, just learning (among other things, learning to be more observant).

Airanasin, Jonathana! I checked out your Vihal page, and took the opportunity to examine Tigerian more thoroughly as well. I found the stress system for Tigerian (based on the "most important" vowel) quite interesting; there are Earthly languages that likewise assign importance, moods, or other features to specific sounds or written letters (for instance, in Old Church Slavonic writing, consonants were considered male and vowels female).

Have you decided how Vihal will handle constructions with multiple verbs such as "to want to", "to need to", "to be able to"? It looks as though the auxilary verb might be the one to come at the end and be "conjugated" as a subject: asil anahaldi ma-buldi-na, "I wanted to take the cat"; animi dimaldi-adal, "the man needs to go." Is this right?

Ad onlelán (hope it came out this time!),

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