VV makeover (and a number of other questions)

Posted by Jay Shorten on 21:25 5/21/02

In reply to: VV makeover (and a number of other questions) posted by Glenn Kempf on 18:24 5/21/02

Now that you have acolytes, what you could do is outsource the history of the obscure corners of the Cadhinorian Plain so people don't have to wait and wait for the current project to be finished. Someone could develop the history of Viminia, someone else Lapiri, etc. Of course, this requires knowledge of the Count of Years.

Jay Shorten

Mark responds:

I'm flattered that you think people are that anxious to learn the details of Cadhinorian history. I've thought about it, but it would take a special sort of person to want to develop a minor state! The natural tendency would be to make Lapiri (or whatever) into a glorious empire.

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