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Dear board:

There are some errors in the Word document. Frank Legros, thank you for pointing out that I should put it in WordPad format...

The s and z are supposed to be in the Fricatives row. I'll fix it.

Sorry I didn't explain the use of the genitive and possessive case... the Genitive shows place of origin, as in "The Lady of Aqrah" or belonging, as in "I am of the Royal Family"; the Possesive case is used to show possesion. I guess I made a little mistake, because the extra case affix for Source (-ok(a)-) is made obsolete.

Which brings me to another point... Either the preposition "edzo" becomes obsolete, or it is used together with the case ending. I will decide this and updadte my website soon enough.

Thank you for the critique!!

[just a note... the q in Aqrah is obsolete in modern Kanaran, and is only a relic transliterated from an older toungue (or when I first made the place names in sixth grade). The final h is used in Kanaran to add a consonant in order to make a word masculine.]

Julao XXXIV Kanari

P.S. Thank you Mark for letting me post this infoon the board and take up so much Verduria space. From now on, if anyone has questions you want to have posted, please email them to me at:


and I will try to set up a posting page on my site.

[Note from Mark: replace * with @, of course.]

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