Eastern fable, and another new goodie

Posted by Mark Rosenfelder on 12:23 5/21/02

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I feel like I've been struggling with html all night... but it's done: now you can read a sample text in Proto-Eastern; I've also written some notes on PE syntax.

Glenn mentioned seeing Shm Revouse in color; I thought you might like to see the larger picture he came from. It's the citizens file from the Almea Civ2 scenario:

These pictures are used to give feedback during the game. Going left to right, we have 2 "happy" citizens, 2 "content" citizens, 2 "unhappy" citizens, and 2 "deeply unhappy" citizens. Finally there's an entertainer, a taxman, and a scientist. In regular Civ2 the scientist is Einstein; for Almea I naturally thought of Shm Revouse.

The rows represent epochs: the top row is ancient times, followed by medieval, industrial, and modern epochs. The third row would best correspond to the Verdurian present; the last row hints at the future.

I don't consider these the last word on Verdurian costume-- many of these are too reminiscent of Earth costume-- but they were fun to do. Note that the color scheme is largely dictated by Civ2 conventions; e.g. cyan for happy citizens.

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