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Posted by Martin Bertagnon on 2:06 5/14/02

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Hy, my name is Martin and I´m from Argentina. I´ve been studying the language and I promise that my next message will be completely in verdurian. Mark, I got a couple of questions about the language and perhaps you may be able to answer them... Tell me if the following sentences are correct please...

I want him to open the door: Ilun vulirao uvir so dheri. (would it be correct to use the causative here?)

I´m responsible for the house: Ai curesäm pro soán domán. (basically I don´t know whether to use ¨eta¨ or ¨pro¨, or maybe another preposition is needed...)

Please, answer me soon and congratulations for your site...

Esme fruece,

Mark responds:

Hmm, good questions. :) I don't think I've considered using the dative that way with vulir, but it's consistent with the use of shesan 'cause'. Would you say 'Le quiero abrir la puerta' in Spanish?

In any case, I'd probably write Vulu dy uve so dher.

I think the other sentence is fine, but it sounds rather literally translated from English! Better might be Tu sen hozësne so dom, lit. 'People entrusted me with the house', or Tenao curesát u domán 'I have responsibility for the house'.

Glad you like the site, and I hope you're surviving the crises in Argentina OK!

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