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Posted by Tuomo Sipola on 12:20 5/11/02

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I just wonder that it might be fun to have somekind of online course for beginning almeanists. I know that there is a Practical course in Verdurian but it's quite boring to study alone.

I can say "et nomai" and "kiel läde" but nothing more. Just wondered if there are any other bored souls out there.

The one thing that annoys me the most is that Verdurian ressembles too much European languages. But that's something that I can't change :)

And could there be a small possibility to have a shortened (beginner's?) grammar in Cadhinor? I don't like Shm's writing style since I don't master Verdurian.

-Tuomo Sipola (would that be Tomao Sakarei Sipola in Verdurian? (My father's Sakari (which seems to be a feminine noun (though I still treted it as masculine))))

Mark responds:

Well, people are always asking me about new things-- grammars of Tzhuro, atlases of Uytai-- so I tend not to want to spend time creating alternative presentations of existing material.

On the other hand, I have no objection if one of you does so! Philip, for instance, has created conjugation aids and other interesting materials for Almean linguistics. So, perhaps someone could write a beginner's course in Cadhinor, or organize an online study group. I'll be glad to check over the examples or provide missing words.

Verdurian does resemble existing languages; this is intentional... it's what we might call the viewpoint language for Almea; I wanted it to look half-familiar, as against other languages and cultures that are more exotic. Otherwise, everything is equally strange and the reader can feel lost (im my opinion).

Sakari should produce the patronymic Sakarë. If you understandably want to treat it as masculine, I'd make it Sacariy or Sacary (genitive Sacarii in both cases). (I use c because this is the velar stop, as opposed to uvular k.)

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