Posted by Frank Legros on 20:30 5/10/02

In reply to: Laadan posted by Jonathana Tegire on 16:52 5/9/02

Jonathana Tegire wrote:
"You may not care for my opinion on this subject, but as a semi-experienced language creator (I've half-developed 6 to date), I would rate this language at a 7 out of 10 for appeal and utility. I'd love to see the script (if any) that goes with it."

Take it easy, Jonathana! I'm less experienced than you are as a language creator, since I haven't made a website yet for any of my own half-developed creations... I hope to be ready next fall. And I do care for your opinion on conlangs, of course.

Personally, I prefer languages with more consonant clusters, but "des goûts et des couleurs, il ne faut pas discuter" as we say here, in the Land of the Three Hundred Cheeses. And I like the Tigerian fonts, especially the cursive one.

Wouldn't it be good if some ladies posted their opinion on Láadan on this board, too? After all, the language has been designed for them.

Frank Legros

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