Verdurian source materials & KZ once again . . .

Posted by Daan Goedkoop on 12:00 5/4/02

In reply to: Verdurian source materials & KZ once again . . . posted by Glenn Kempf on 1:46 5/2/02

That Cadhinor morpheme, bu-, does it indeed come from Chinese (where bu means NOT)

Another nice borrowing is Frälina - German Fraulein. It really jumped out.

Btw.: why don't you use Unicode in your pages? All modern browsers can read it.

Mark responds:

Yes, bu- is from Chinese. (I used Chinese more in some of the other Almean languages.)

As for Unicode, it's coming, but I think it isn't yet time. Not everyone has a 'modern' browser, and if they do they may not have a Unicode font. Me, for instance: my iMac doesn't have any font that supplies the hacheks needed for Verdurian. And I don't want to make people download fonts just to see my pages.

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