Anyone want to critique conlangs?

Posted by Mark Rosenfelder on 12:18 5/2/02

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Fairly frequently, thanks to the Language Construction Kit, people want me to critique their conlangs. I really don't have time for this, so my usual answer is to suggest that they create a web page.

I'm wondering if the board could help, however. What I'm thinking is that people could post the URL of their grammar here, and invite feedback. (If the traffic gets to be too much, I'll encourage the feedback to be via e-mail.)

Would any board regulars be interested in reviewing? (Really interested; don't say yes out of any sense of obligation.) If so, please respond so I have some idea what I can tell people. If not, I'll ask the posters to review each other's work.

Or if anyone has a better idea, please post that. Paradoxically, perhaps, I don't know much about forums for discussing conlanging. (I was a member of one for awhile; but there was really too much traffic to keep up with, and I'd rather spend the time writing something new.)

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