Cadhinor negative morpheme

Posted by Philip Newton on 11:24 5/2/02

In reply to: Verdurian source materials & KZ once again . . . posted by Glenn Kempf on 1:46 5/2/02

Mark wrote:

Cadhinor had a negative morpheme nis.

Are you thinking of bu- here, by any chance?

Hm, on re-reading PreCadh.doc, I think I see what you mean -- Cadhinor had for negation both the bound morpheme bu- and the word (free morpheme?) nis; the latter appears also to be the first part of negative pronouns such as niktos, nikuda, nisios.


Mark responds:

Right. bu-, by the way, is IIRC restricted to the Cadhinor and Central families; the Cuêzi reflex is bi(s)-.

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