Verdurian source materials & KZ once again . . .

Posted by Christopher O'Regan on 20:36 5/1/02

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I sympathise with Glenn when he mentions that Verdurian words from terrestrial languages lurk waiting to spring out on the unsuspecting learner . . . given that I know French and some Latin, and have dabbled in Russian and (shame!) Esperanto, learning Verdurian is like wandering down the street in an obscure and unknown part of town, only to find many different (and seperate) friends i haven't seen in ages all eating in a restaurant together!

I think I can speak for most board patrons when I say I found the insight into Kazakhstan quite fascinating . . . I wonder if Russian in Kazakhstan has been much influenced by Kazakh at all . . .

well i really have an awful lot of work to do so I'll go now . . .


Mark responds:

I've always had a soft spot for Russian... what I regret now is not going deeper and using Slavic roots instead of Russian words. (An example is voitec 'enter', which I treated as a morpheme, but derives of course from 'go' + 'in'.

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