Evolution of the _lesuasi_ and the Zone of Fire

Posted by Glenn Kempf on 22:19 4/25/02

In reply to: Evolution of the _lesuasi_ and the Zone of Fire posted by Glenn Kempf on 01:30 4/26/02

Thanks for the advice; I took a look at that FAQ again. You're quite right that I am HTML-illiterate, or rather literate on a need-to-know basis--when I was translating text for someone's Web page and I needed to change the font size and color, I learned how to do that; thanks to you, I now know about accents, bolding, and italics; and so on. It would probably be a good idea just to learn it for real (and I want to begin learning about Web page design anyway). I'm a little old-fashioned, I guess; I started using E-mail on a computer built in 1990, and I sometimes tend to forget everything that E-mail (and the Web) is capable of these days...

Your reply provided some good info, particularly with regard to the ilii-ktuvok wars, and answered a question I had thought of but not asked--where the race(s) originated. I had thought that the fact that the southern hemisphere is more advanced might point to an origin there (although not necessarily), but the fact that each of the lesüasi is a separate species means that several points of origin are possible.

I'm also sure that the tale of the first Nanese ship to Bekkai and what they found there must be quite a story; evidently, there are more frequent crossings now.

That's all for now; I'll try to make sure that my next questions to the board are in Verdurian... :-) Take care!

Ad onlelálan,

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