Accents in board postings

Posted by Philip Newton on 12:42 4/22/02

In reply to: Questions re: Historical Atlas and others posted by Glenn Kempf on 19:30 4/21/02

Glenn wrote:

Dekuy! (Sorry--I can't seem to attach accents or umlauts to my E-mail; otherwise I'd include them.)

You should be able to do it by encoding them with HTML entities (as explained in the FAQ :). For example, to get "Dëkuy", just type "Dëkuy" in your message. It'll look a bit weird in the email, but once it's up on the web, your browser should translate it for you so you simply see "Dëkuy". Similarly for "Ad onlelán": "Ad onlelán".

Basically, it's "&" + vowel + one of "acute", "uml", "circ", "grave" + ";". Entities are case sensitive, so Á (Á) is something different from á (á). See also the HTML source code of this posting.


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