Questions re: Historical Atlas and others

Posted by Joey on 3:29 4/22/02

In reply to: Questions re: Historical Atlas and others posted by Glenn Kempf on 10:19 4/20/02

Glenn Kempf wrote:

1. You write that the Wedei (and then the Easterners and Monkhayu ) began working copper around -1000, and moved on to bronze by -650. This seems like a rapid jump, however; in our world, I thought that Egypt and the Middle East took at least a thousand years (c.4000 to c.3000 BC) to make that transition (although bronze objects dated to 4500 BC have been found in Thailand).

Mark, you mention in the drilldown that the Almean year is 328 days long, and that the Almean day is slightly longer than Earth's. Does this mean that an Earth year and an Almean year come out to be the same amount of time? If so, I can understand why you'd make that decision. Even a small difference can quickly add up to a big difference when you get into thousands of years, as well as adding up to a big pain in the neck when you try to convert them -- I learned that the hard way!

Also, Glenn, thanks for the report on Kazakhstan; it was very interesting. I often wonder what's going on in that part of the world, now that the US media is focused elsewhere.


Mark responds:

I don't think I've given an exact figure for the Almean day; but it's much less than the 26.7 hours that would be needed to make the year the same length. I don't really worry about converting years, since Almean time doesn't run in parallel with ours.

(I wish our day were 26.7 hours long... it'd fit much better with my internal clock.)

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