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Posted by Joey on 00:31 4/16/02

In reply to: Learning Languages posted by Irgend Jemand on 11:56 4/14/02

Irgend Jemand wrote:

I know it's a bit off-topic here, but does anyone of you all happen to know some good introductory courses for the world's major languages on the web, in the style of Mark's Practical course in Verdurian? I know that you won't learn languages that way as well as when you actually take a course in them, but then again, it's cheaper...

I can't help with that, but while we're on the subject, what I've really been looking for are short grammars of natural languages in the style of (for lack of a better example) the Klingon Dictionary. I would like to be told the rules of a language in a systematic order, not going too deep into complex terminology or weird exceptions. I want something that would give me an idea of how to say something in Language X, probably imperfectly, but roughly. If anybody knows where to find something like this, online or offline, for any language, I'd appreciate it. All I can find at the library are scholarly grammars or phrasebooks; nothing in between.


Mark responds:

I'd guess that the grammars you find in the libraries are outmoded in style and method, and thus rather difficult. Look in bookstores instead; for the major languages there's generally a wide range of materials available; look for a short book and read a few pages to make sure it doesn't bore you.

(I'm preparing a web page on language learning, so I'll have more to say later...)

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