The Nanese

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I noticed that on the map of Ereláe in the drilldown is wide enough to show a kingdom named "Lab-Atu" on the Alfonsine coast. It appears to be south of the mountains that are north of the Rau river. Is this a Nanese or a Western kingdom? Speaking of the Nan, I have some questions:

1. Are they a united people, or are they divided into a bunch of small states like in Eretald?

2. What kind of language do they speak, and are you ever going to give it a grammar in the distant future (with names like "O-Siücê" it must be pretty different-sounding)?

3. How were they able to become such good sailors with only having 1000 years of being civilized?

4. What exactly are the "Little Kingdoms"?

5. (last number, I promise!) How long ago did they drive the Ktuvoki out of their realm? Did this have any effect on their religion like it did for the Cadhinorians?

(PS: Ok, ok, fine. I do have one more question, have you started the Historical Atlas of Uytai yet? I'm really looking forward to it!)

Mark responds:

0. It's "Lae-Atu", which is the southernmost of the Little Kingdoms. These are essentially all part of Nanese civilization.

1. Nan is a single realm, which has historically controlled a greater or lesser fraction of the Nanese zone. Many of the lesser kingdoms (and Moreo Ashcai as well) are historicaly Nanese colonies.

2. I hope to get to Nanese some day; it should be interesting. It's a prefixing language, and has provided Verdurian with words for yam, soy, vanilla, rice, coffee, and sugar.

3. They have used boats for far longer than they've had cities. Their culture doesn't extend far from the coast and the major rivers, in fact: the jungle is almost impenetrable, so waterways are its lifelines.

4. This should be clear by now: smaller kingdoms within the Nanese sphere, which the o-nêci at O-Dayevu considers part of his realm, but is not so foolish as to attempt to govern.

5. Hmm? Are you referring to the former ktuvok habitats in Nasuael and the Rau delta? It was the ilii who drove them out of those areas.

6. Some preliminary work is done: a very rough sketch of the major movements in continental history, and some work on a nice map. It'll be awhile, though.

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