Ktuvok reproduction

Posted by Christopher O'Regan on 23:07 4/11/02

In reply to: Ktuvok reproduction posted by Irgend Jemand on 18:22 4/11/02

Hmm, SimKtuvok - I think this has a lot of possibility . . . It would probably most resemble SimAnt, which although obscure is probably my most favourite Sim.

In that game, the process goes like this - found a colony, defeat the rival colony, produce queens and males, spread to other areas, defeat rival colonies, and so on, until you take over the house.

In SimKtuvok, it would be pretty similar, I imagine - except of course you would be establishing either actual Ktuvok/slave outposts or subverting existing governments. Of course, it would start getting quite complicated once uesti started getting sophisticated enough to challange you for continental supremacy. On the down side, there'd be no power points, so you couldn't watch ants getting electrocuted, and you wouldn't be able to sick the dreaded spider on your rivals either. Never mind.

Get Maxis on the phone, someone! I think we have a winner on our hands!

--Rhisto Filipei

Mark responds:

For even more fun, throw in the ilii. Those big blue bastards can cause a lot of trouble to a ktuvok who simpy wants to mind his own and an army of slaves' business.

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