Soa etëlevi i Ihano

Posted by Philip Newton on 13:53 4/9/02

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Mark translated the first few chapters of the Gospel of John quite a while back. For a while, Soa etëlevi i Ihano was offered on the web page as part of the materials available to the learner of Verdurian; the translation contained some notes on the language to assist the learner in picking up Verdurian idiom.

This document was only available as a hand-written manuscript, and it was written before some large-ish changes were made to the Verdurian language (both in vocabulary and, to a lesser extent, in grammar and syntax); this is probably part of the reason why it is no longer listed as a source material (if you want a longer text written in Verdurian, Subrel er Aksubrel ("Effect and Counter-effect") is still available as a Word document; it requires the Verdurian font Maraille to be installed).

Mark was kind enough to send me a copy of the manuscript, and I spent a weekend HTMLising it and putting it up on the web. As I said, due to the no-longer-current vocabulary, it's more of historical (linguo-archaeological?) interest than as a reader, but still, in case someone is interested, you're welcome to have a look at it.

You can find it by starting from The document is in UTF-8 format in order to include all letters of the standard Roman transliteration of Verdurian. [Note: 'dh' will probably look like d-with-apostrophe rather than d-with-caron, depending on your font. You may be able to see it here: «ď». If so, there's nothing I can do about it. Take it up with the Czechs and Slovaks :)]

Christopher Tolkien^W^WPhilip Newton

Mark responds:

Thanks for your hard work, Philip. I don't expect ever to get back to this translation-- if I embark on that large a chunk of Verdurian, it'll be an Almean work. So if anyone else feels like finishing it.....

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