So uestu de neyzhisen selen

Posted by Gareth Wilson on 20:41 3/6/02

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So uestu de neyzhisen selen

Banjo Patterson

Fue bezhia ne soán hutorán, prokena fue acinul,
dy so shualima de bomen Pyerin ishisree,
er cumlädnere so dharimi arbul-shuali - ilu sholisre mil orhula,
urë tëse soî zevî colreü ad soán prosuvean.

(I meant to translate more of this, but I got tired. This is translated as iscuncrivát, not eyurcrivát, getting the meter right is a bit beyond me at this stage :))

Mark responds:

That's fine; poetry is an advanced art! Thanks for the translation!

I don't know about "arbul" for "bush" here; it means 'small tree' and there is no region that uses it to refer to an area. (My OED is at home, and the on-line Webster's is unclear on whether the Australian word is an extension (i.e., an area where you find bushes) or whether it's related to "bosque" or German "busk".)

The usual word for a wild area would be dhárimac; but you already used dharim in the same line. So perhaps the best word would be Irenzha, the name of the savannah west of Verduria, whose climate and vegetation wouldn't be far from the Australian bush.

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