Star light, star bright

Posted by Mark Rosenfelder on 2:32 3/3/02

In reply to: Star light, star bright posted by Philip Newton on 13:18 2/26/02

OK, Cadhinor is now provided with a word for star: CULORILE, derived from CULOREC 'scintillate, sparkle' (specifically from the present participle, i.e. 'sparkling'). In Verdurian the noun curulë (doesn't that have a nice elvish sound to it?) but not the verb culorec has suffered metathesis; in Ismaîn both did (crolile, crolec); in Barakhinei neither (klorile, klorê).

(If Cadhinor had borrowed alaldas, your working out of its reflexes in Ismaîn and Barakhinei is correct. Ismaîn has at least a reflex of DUNALALDOS, zunalalde; but Barakhinei has innovated âdhklorile 'god-star'.)

(These aren't in the on-line resources yet.)

By the way, sfahecî soe Sfahei, Philip has revised his translation of the Christmas story from Luke, and I've added it to the Verdurian Texts page.

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