Endajue again

Posted by Christopher O'Regan on 21:50 2/24/02

In reply to: Endajue again posted by Irgend Jemand on 14:53 2/22/02

Might I suggest another reason for the importance of worship/veneration in many religions: the need for examples. Eg, the lives of saints and the Virgin Mary serve the purpose of inspiring believers to follow their example: submit to the will of God and reject purely material desires. Islam and Judaism in particular go to great lengths to establish the power & majesty of God so that all can see how important it is to obey him.

As for one belief system that does not require "worship" (at least, not from the Judao-Chrisitian point of view) of its followers, how about Confucianism? The key tenet there is one of proper respect; even if there is little explicit veneration of the supernatural, the importance of behaving according to the belief system is emphasised. I don't know enough about Shinto to be able to speak about it with any degree of authority, but I think there you will find another religion which does not go in for worship in a big way - the kami seem to be a bit abstract.

ps. good luck to Mark on the Count of years! Chronologies are difficult things to work with - Tolkien seemed to go through innumerable versions, all exceedingly complex. Just as tough as real-world timelines . . . ;-)

Rhisto Filipei

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