Xurnese Pronunciation

Posted by Christopher O'Regan on 16:04 2/4/02

In reply to: Xurnese Pronunciation posted by Xavier McShane on 14:50 2/2/02

What about stresses in words with vowel endings ? Going by the demonstration you give (ZI-dzi), is it the penultimate syllable?

So the Xurnese must call them Berdurians. :)

Interesting to see how Xurnese phonology has been influenced by Wedei: which sound system did you develop first?

--Rhisto Filipei

Mark responds:

Yes, you accent the penult if the word ends in a vowel.

As for Verdurians, you've almost got it: they're called Berdurgi (from Berdura 'Verduria').

I can't quite reconstruct the sequence... I think Wede:i was finalized first (1995) and then Xurnese (1996), but the development of Xurnese went back farther. So they did influence each other!

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